Why Do You Need to Rake the Leaves in the Fall?

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 at 8:44pm.

Every year you see your neighbours pulling out their rakes to engage in some autumn chores. You pull out your rake to join them since it is a necessary task that needs  to get done before the colder weather sets in. A lot of people, however, aren't informed as to why raking is so important and whether it could be ignored altogether.

The reasons behind raking

There are basically 2 reasons for taking out the rake in the fall. The first one is it makes your lawn aesthetically pleasing since a yard full of rotting leaves just doesn't look attractive at all. The other reason is it is an important part of overall lawn health. When you rake up the leaves you allow your lawn to breathe.

Many lawns in Calgary and across the rest of Canada are made up of grasses for the cool season. It means that these grasses are more active during the times of the year when you'll experience cooler moderate weather. Fall, of course, is one of the seasons when things cool down following the hot summer months.

The grass on your lawn loves this time of year that's not too hot or too cold and thrives best in this temperature when it accompanies enough water, nutrients and sunlight. Kentucky bluegrass is one of these grasses that does its best during the cooler seasons and actually revitalizes itself at this time of year. The grass makes its own hay, which provides the root system with extra strength.

When there is a deep blanket of leaves on the grass,sunlight can't reach through to help the grass revitalize itself. The grass can become damaged and if left long enough can actually die due to lack of sunlight at this critical time of the year.

Take out your rake and make sure that the grass on your lawn has access to enough sunlight during this fall time. Enjoy the workout knowing that you can burn almost 300 calories for every hour of raking you do! You'll also be able to see the results of your labour next year with a thriving lush lawn that sparkles a deep emerald green.

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